“If you are looking for the highest level of technical professionalism and a friendly, informed and helpful
approach you should consider working with Martin Barry at Brisbane Digital Images. He is a breath of
fresh air in an industry. At BDI you will find a high level of integrity and a real interest in your art work.
I would place this company at the cream of international photographic printing and scanning practice,
and we are so lucky to have them in Brisbane.”
 Marian Drew, Photographic Artist, Brisbane

“Brisbane Digital Images is the printer for photo-media artists, where drum scans, printing and framing
are all done to perfection. Martin Barry has worked with numerous photo-media artists – from the
emerging to the established, and we all praise his professionalism, ingenuity, and calm demeanor.”
Camilla Birkeland, Deputy Director, Queensland Centre for Photography, Brisbane

“Brisbane Digital Images provides a unique service of the highest standard concerning image production
and presentation. For the past several years BDI have offered consistent and reliable help when
scanning, printing and presenting my photographic art. They understand variations in the photographic
medium and will manage whatever job that is presented to them with respect and consideration towards
what they are handling. The final result is simply the finest quality!”
Vivienne Kelly, Photographic Artist, Brisbane